Getting Started

Below you find some instructions if you just like to “play” around with finmath-lib

Getting started if you are new to Java

If you are new to software development the first thing you need is an IDE (integrated development environment). You may have a look at Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA and NetBeans.

Checking out the finmath lib source code form its repository.

The finmath lib source code is available from GitHub. Visit finmath-lib on GitHub.

Importing the finmath lib source code into Eclipse

To import the source code into your Eclipse workspace:

Inspecting the source code / running some tests.

The main library code is available in the folder src/main/java.

There are some unit test available under the folder src/test/java. In Eclipse right click on any class file in src/test/java and select

  • Run As -> JUnit Test

to run the test.

Creating your own project

To create your own projects which uses finmath-lib:

In Eclipse

  • File -> New -> Java Project
  • Enter a name for the project
  • Right click on the new project and select “Properties”.
  • Select “Java Build Path -> Projects” and add the (imported) finmath lib project.

By this, your project “knows” finmath lib and you may use all the classes from finmath lib.